Since 1928 we have been pioneers of Polish aerospace.

about us

The company was founded in 1928 based on a decree issued by Prime Minister Józef Piłsudski.

The PZL factory floor has seen almost all planes that have ever been manufactured in Poland.

From such distinguished historical structures as PZL 11C, to PZL 37 Łoś, PZL P24, PZL 23 Karaś, to more modern models TS-8 Bies, TS 11 Iskra, PZL 104 Wilga, PZL 110 Koliber, PZL 106 Kruk, to the modern aircraft PZL 130 Orlik in consecutive versions TC I, TC II, TC II Garmin, to the most modern version: PZL 130 TC II Advanced.

In 2001, the plant was privatized and a majority stake (77%) was acquired by the Spanish company EADS CASA (currently AIRBUS).

Since that time, a number of aircraft component production programs have been launched. Currently, PZL “Warszawa-Okęcie” manufactures components and structural elements for C295 aircraft and civil Airbus aircraft, including A330.

In 2011, a fully certified Service Center for C295 aircraft was opened in the plant. In addition to Polish Air Force aircraft, it has also successfully serviced foreign aircraft for some time. The Center also provides ad hoc maintenance services directly at the unit that operates these planes.

In 2016, a clean room was opened in the factory. It is a highly specialized high-tech facility where, in absolutely clean conditions, electrical harnesses are manufactured for satellites produced by Airbus.

Today, PZL Warszawa-Okęcie, as a member of AIRBUS, designs, builds, services and operates aircraft with excellence and passion and provides top-quality engineering, maintenance and aviation services.


Our mission and vision

Since 1928 we are pioneers of Polish aerospace.

We design, build, service and operate aircraft with excellence and passion.

The expertise, flexibility and efficiency of our people create unique value for our customers worldwide.

And now we are ready for take-off,
so welcome on board!


Focus on five opportunities to grow and diversify

A network of transformation initiatives

Capacity for growth

  • Invest in People – Transform ourselves to attract and retain the best people, develop and engage them to drive their best
  • Focus Tech Investments – Invest on key enablers focused on digitalization, innovation and transformation

Excellence in what we do

  • Improve Governance – Shape an effective and flexible governance structure aligning and integrating every level of the company
  • Develop Added Value Capabilities – Build a capability-driven organization to foster innovation and create long-term value for customers
  • Develop Customer Interface – Develop an effective customer-driven interface to better respond to customer’s needs
  • Deliver with Quality and Efficieny – Deliver on our commitments on Quality, on Time, on Cost

Happy Customers

  • Improve Customer Perception – We are the pioneers of Polish aerospace. Build meaningful and mutual-benefit partnerships with customers based on our legacy, expertise and passion
  • Network in Poland – Create value through win-win partnerships in Poland in the field of space, domestic products and other service

Financial results

  • Increase Revenues – Expand and diversify portfolio of products and services to boost sales and revenues and create exponential growth.
  • Reduce our Costs – Every Złoty counts. Spend wisely, use resources optimally. Sustainable operating costs optimization by fostering continuous improvement culture, embracing technology and robust performance management.
  • Deliver Results – Deliver >80M€ revenues and >10% annual profitability in 2022


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