Since 1928 we have been pioneers of Polish aerospace.


Product portfolio includes manufacturing of complex metallic fuselage & wing structures, doors, electrical harnesses and detail parts. Driven by the exceeding customer requirement on every field, developed key capabilities and implemented necessary technologies. Our staff thanks to its expertise and engagement delivers products & services above customer expectations.

Through the fruitful years of collaboration with our customers, we are in full responsibility for work packages including all down flow of supply chain, material procurement and delegation in Engineering & Quality for our products.

PZL manufactures complex metallic structures from subassemblies and panels. The company capability portfolio include variety of structures starting from the doors though the shells and finishing on the complete sections and even wings.

Certification granted to PZL and delegation in quality and manufacturing engineering proves our expertise and customer trust of PZL top performance.

Our metallic structure platform portfolio incudes such a great aircrafts such as C-295 and A330 delivering our expertise and passion to our customers.

Detailed Parts

PZL produces to the most of its assemblies and many customers metallic detail parts driving its flexibility, competitiveness and production optimization offering complete processed parts including heat and surface treatment. The company experience in detailed parts includes components such as stringers, frames, skins, plates, ribs and many others.

Numerous certificates for different aircraft platforms proves our wide capabilities and versatility necessary to provide complete solution to our customers.


Electrical Harnesses

PZL electrical harnesses manufacturing portfolio includes both military and civil aircrafts. Thanks to the highly skilled and experienced operators we are able to manufacture and test complex harnesses starting from low rate highly customized C-295, A400M though medium rate A330 and high rate A320 family.

Our manufacturing capabilities combined with the testing of every product manufactured and certifications allow us to provide ready to assemble products to be integrated not only on PZL manufactures structures but as well for our customers.

Electrical Harnesses:


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