Since 1928 we have been pioneers of Polish aerospace.

Service centre C295


In November 2011 PZL C295 Service Center MRO facility was officially open as a part of the Airbus Defence and Space PZL Warszawa-Okęcie and first aircraft C295M was handed over for maintenance work (work completed in 2012).
In 2012 first long term agreement was signed between PZL Warszawa-Okęcie and PAF for MRO activity and logistic support on C295M.
Currently we perform activity according to second long term agreement with validation period until the end of 2018.


Service Center activity was formalized with agreements between PZL and Airbus DS signed in 2011


To be the Airbus Military Service Provider in Center Europe with a special focus in the Polish Air Force. To provide all range of after sale support to the PZL own products.

To understand the role and way of working of the PZL Service Center it is important to bear in mind:

  • PZL is a Subsidiary of Airbus, and as such, is subjected to a specific way of working.
  • PZL C295 Service Center was established as an offset obligation of the initial selling contract of 12 C-295 to the Polish Air Force.

PAF is the second biggest operator of C-295 in the world (currently 16 AC)

Key mission

  • Ensure a closer understanding of local customer needs and requirements
  • Shape the service to specific requirements defined by the customer
  • Identify, assign and contract the internal or external resources to execute the service
  • Deliver high performance services to PZL/Airbus Military Clients, in terms of quality, service level, cost, time and location.
  • Identify new business opportunities at established clients either civil or military
  • Provide full support 24/7 to the Polish Air Force

Key principles

  • Apply maximum rigor on the application of the documentation. All works should be performed IAW applicable documentation
  • Do our job with maximum care to obtain the best possible results and provide a top quality product to our customers.
  • Perform our job strictly adhering to approved schedules. We should deliver our products on time.
  • Optimize our resources to continuously improve our figures and maintain a profitability IAW top management requirements
  • Perform a continuous improvement process to maintain the center ready for new programs and challenges.
  • Innovate all aspects of our work.

Quality System was defined in Quality Manual  and follows the requirements of PART145.

We also comply with ISO 9001, AQAP 2110 and from November 2016 as a first company in Poland we were granted by AS/EN9110 (standard required for Maintenace Repair and Overhaul (MRO) – equivalent to civil PART145.

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