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PZL signs Orlik upgrade contract

The Ministry of Defence has awarded PZL with a contract for the modernization of 12 Orlik training aircraft from an earlier version to the latest TC II Advanced.

This is great news for Poland and for PZL, and a phenomenal vote of confidence coming from our customer.

Congratulations to all the teams involved in making this happen!

This programme will provide a cost-effective route for Poland to train its future military pilots in an advanced aircraft that meets all equipment requirements to fly in today’s regulated and controlled airspace while remaining a fully aerobatic trainer permitting the latest instructional techniques.

Furthermore, the production capabilities that PZL will gain during this work will lay the ground for the resumption of series production of the Orlik for export customers for which we see excellent possibilities.

The signing ceremony took place on 19th December in our premises in Okecie with the participation of secretary of state at the Ministry of Defence, Bartosz Kownacki.

The contract was signed by the head of the Arms Inspectorate Colonel, Dariusz Pluta on behalf of the Ministry of Defense, and by vicepresident Władek Skorski and myself on the side of our company.

More information on the official Airbus press release and this article published in the MoD website.

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