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Orlik nr. 048 starts flight trials

Airplane no. 048 is the first of the 16 Orlik aircraft fitted with new avionics under Service Bulletin 209.

Yesterday 7th June, this aircraft performed its first test flight after the modification.

The first flight is an important milestone and brings us closer to the delivery of the 16 Orlik aircraft to our customer, but there are still some steps in front of us.

This milestone marks the beginning of a flight test campaign where the operation of all airplane systems, including the new avionics, will be thoroughly checked.

The test flight was operated by the factory test pilot Krzysztof Galus and the engineer Jacek Gołębiowski – the Head of Flight Line Department, in a zone reserved for test flights, in the vicinity of Wilga and Garwolin, and lasted approximately 90 minutes.

Another requirement is the anti-thunder test, which will be conducted on the ground using aircraft 050 and special equipment to simulate lightning strike.

After finishing the qualification program, the airplane 048 will move to the 42th Flying Training Command Base in Radom and will be used for familiarization training of military pilots.

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