Since 1928 we have been pioneers of Polish aerospace.


The last summer holiday weekend, i.e. 25-26 August 2018, saw the largest International Air Show ‘2018 in Radom in the history.

More than 21 countries participated, among others: Italy, Spain, Jordan, Ukraine, United States and Latvia. Over 100 aircrafts were presented in the air, including 11 aerobatic teams, one of which being the “Orlik” Aerobatic Team flying on our PZL-130 “Orlik” aircrafts.

It was these aircrafts, taking part not only in their own specially arranged team performance, that appeared most frequently also on other occasions, both in Radom’s sky and on the aerodrome.

Traditionally, the air performances were accompanied by a static exhibition of the Polish Armed Forces equipment. Next to its stand, PZL “Warszawa-Okęcie” presented the latest, already upgraded and delivered to the user, PZL-130 “Orlik” Advanced aircraft, number 048.

Manuel Heredia, the President, met the pilots belonging to the “Orlik” Aerobatic Team at the stand. During the meeting, he gave them special occasion (90th anniversary of PZL) Velcro stickers for their outfits. Moreover, they talked about the “Orlik” aircraft upgrade.

It is worth mentioning that the specifically prepared Air Show commercial, which was repeatedly broadcast on all TVP channels, featured a significant appearance by two aircrafts related to Okęcie: PZL-130 “Orlik” and C295. It was an outstanding promotion of our products.

The performances held during the two-day
Air Show were also broadcast live on the Air Show and TVP INFO websites. In addition, a special
Air Show studio was set up for the broadcast, with the guests being both CEO Manuel Heredia and Gen. Pil. Leszek Cwojdziński, the Military Programme Director.

A film produced on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the “Orlik” Aerobatic Team was shown in the screens and on the Internet during the Air Show.

Thus, it may be stated that both the engagement of our company in this year’s Air Show and our products played a really notable role in this year’s jubilee show, which was organised on the 100th anniversary of Polish Air Force.

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