Since 1928 we have been pioneers of Polish aerospace.


”90 years is a fantastic anniversary in the history of any company. But especially of an aviation company. Why? Because it means that our company was established at the very beginning of this industry worldwide”.

Manuel Heredia said in Polish, as he opened the jubilee Family Picnic on Saturday, 15 September 2018.

“We are also pioneers in the aviation industry in Poland, and constantly growing to keep up with progress. This day is a great time to feel proud and be happy, and to share this joy with our families,” he added, continuing to speak in Polish. The content of his speech, as well as its form, were rewarded by the audience with applause.

Who would not want to live in good health for 90 years? Though PZL experienced hard times in its history, this year’s anniversary is really impressive – it would be in the life of an individual, as it is in the history of an aviation company. What made us even more happy was that we were able to celebrate the anniversary with our loved ones, with former employees and colleagues, whom we meet every day, but in very different circumstances.

We began the celebration of the 90th anniversary of PZL “Warszawa-Okecie” with a two-hour tour of the plant. Thanks to volunteers who prepared the departments for the visit, we were able to see how people work for this company today. This part of the picnic was especially popular with retirees and their families, as they were finally able to see how much had changed over the past few years at PZL.

The official part of the event began shortly after 2 pm, when President Manuel Heredia and honorary guest of the picnic, member of the Supervisory Board Jorg Brill, appeared on the stage. The latter also said a few words to the employees and their families.

“90 years is a wonderful anniversary and we can all be proud of it,” said Jorg Brill. “However, this period also includes 17 years with Airbus, and not only in Defence & Space. We are slowly becoming a single, integrated entity, and this is also a reason to feel proud. (…) There are two basic issues from the point of view of Airbus. Firstly, we are proud that PZL is becoming more integrated with Airbus, and secondly, that it produces not only parts for Airbus aircraft, but also that you have your own Orlik, which in recent months has been a huge success thanks to your efforts.”

After the opening, the main part of the event began, convivial and fostering integration. There were traditional grilled dishes, as well as sweet cakes and – especially popular – the golden liquor. Competitions for children and team-building contests for groups of employees began near the stage at about the same time.

The youngest children had great fun in the kid’s corner and on the carousel, arranged especially for them, while older children were able to test their skills at wall-climbing and in simulators, or explore the secrets of astronomy in the tent-planetarium.

Entertainment for adults was provided by the two stars of the evening. At 6 pm, the Paranienormalni comedy group went on stage and performed for a full hour, provoking many outbursts of laughter. The long queue of members of the audience hoping to take souvenir selfies with the artists demonstrated how successful the show was. An hour and a half after the end of the performance, the Exaited band gave a concert, as requested by the employees, and the September evening soon became almost as hot as if it were July. Selfies with the band’s female singer were also in great demand. The most enthusiastic participants kept the picnic going until midnight.


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