Since 1928 we have been pioneers of Polish aerospace.

First Orlik TC II Advanced Standard (NO. 048) delivered to the Polish air force

Between 10 and 14 August a series of maiden flights were performed by a committee onboard the PZL 130 Orlik TC II Advanced aircraft no. 048, after the modification executed by PZL “Warszawa-Okęcie”, in the 42nd Training Aviation Base in Radom (bulletin 209).

The primary difference from the previous model (TC II) is the avionics changed from metric to imperial units.

The series of advanced trial flights onboard the aircraft no. 048 were performed in presence of factory representatives by, among others, Lt. Col. pilot Zbigniew Kosterna and Maj. pilot Dariusz Stachurski: instructor pilots from the 42nd TAB in Radom.

During the maiden flights, the operation of all aircraft systems, including the new avionics, was tested.

These tests were aimed to show whether the aircraft flew safely, all systems ran flawlessly, all the assumed parameters were consistent with the specification of the aircraft, and most importantly, whether the whole scope of the completed modification and its effects were in conformity with the requirements set by the Polish Air Force to PZL “Warszawa-Okęcie.”

All the tests were successful and the first aircraft out of the 16 which underwent the modification (from TC II to TC II Advanced), with the number 048, was delivered to the user for normal operation.

In the nearest future , subsequent upgraded Orlik aircraft (number: 050 and 052) from this series will be handed over to the pilots from the 42nd TAB and will become part of everyday training for cadets of the Polish Air Force Academy in Dęblin. The trials are currently in progress.

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