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On 16thof November 2018 we completed the 1st stage of delivery of the PZL 130 Orlik TC II Advanced simulator to the Polish Air Force.

As part of this stage, the following were delivered to the Training Center in Dęblinin accordance with the adopted plan: software, simulator visual system and database, as well as the pilot-instructor stand, chief instructor stand and training analysis (debriefing) stand.

At the subsequent stage, the user will receive the full simulator cabin (replica of Orlik cockpit) with Rockwell Collins VDS.
At the same time we will deliver logistic package (spares and control instruments), documentation as well as the training package.
Under the modified schedule, the 2nd stage will be completed by ourcompanyby 30 April 2020.

The initial plan provided for the completion of the fully assembled project on 30 November 2018 but due to the fact that the Armed Forces changed the simulator location from Radom to Dęblinand no suitable building and infrastructure were prepared in the latter location, the parties agreed to change the delivery date of the complete simulator for November 2020, however, weintend to complete the project 7 months earlier.

The main contractor of the simulator is PZL „Warszawa-Okęcie”, while the subcontractor –ETC-AerospaceIndustriesSp. Z o.o.

The PZL 130 Orlik TC II simulator is extremely important from the point of view of the future user since it expands the possibilities to train pilots and to thoroughly test their skills, also in combat-like conditions. But those are not the only advantages of the simulator. Training in a simulator is a basic requirement for a contemporary system for preparing future pilots. It enables measurable economization of flying equipment service life, and a considerable decrease in the costs of training in the air. In addition, it provides a possibility to create training scenarios not available during real training flights that are limited by air mission safety considerations. Training in a simulator enables, for example, practicing approach and landing procedures in minimum visibility conditions, or preparing for combat sorties based on a complicated tactical and navigation situation.

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