Since 1928 we have been pioneers of Polish aerospace.


Fot. Mirosław Cyryl Wójtowicz

Annual ceremonies commemorating all airmen were held on the Aviation Day (28 August) at the Monument in Memory of the Fallen Polish Airmen in World War II on Pole Mokotowskie.

The ceremony, dignified as always, had an additional, special dimension this time, as it coincided with the centenary of Polish Aviation.

It was attended by representatives of the Ministry of National Defence, General Command of the Armed Forces and the Air Force Command. The roll call of the fallen was read and wreaths were laid. Among the delegations was one from PZL “Warszawa-Okęcie”. The delegation included President Manuel Heredia Ortiz and General of the Reserve, Pilot Leszek Cwojdziński, director of military programs.

The Aviation Day commemorates the victory of Franciszek Żwirko and Stanisław Wigura at the international air contest Challenge 1932 in Berlin. The Polish team flew the RWD-6, specially made for the competition. It was the first big success of Polish sports aviation.

The Polish Aviation Day was also celebrated during the interwar period. Initially – until 1931 – the ceremony was held on 5 November – the anniversary of the first flight of a Polish military aircraft in 1918. Later, the celebration was combined with the Independence Day on 11 November. Under the communist regime, the Aviation Day was initially celebrated on 1 September, and later was moved to 23 August – the anniversary of the first combat of the 1st Fighter Regiment fighter aircrafts, on the Warka-Magnuszew bridgehead in 1944. Currently, by the decision of the Minister of National Defence in 1993, we celebrate the Polish Aviation Day on 28 August.


Fot. Mirosław Cyryl Wójtowicz
Fot. Mirosław Cyryl Wójtowicz

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