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Doctoral dissertations at Airbus Poland SA

It makes me extremely proud to introduce six employees from Airbus Poland SA who this year have applied to conduct their doctoral dissertions in our company as part of the Implementation Doctorates program.

The goal of this program funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education is to promote partnerships between academia and industry for applied research and technology transfer.


How does it work? Candidates working in companies all over Poland are invited to propose a doctoral dissertation aimed at solving a specific problem relevant to their company. The project must be endorsed by the company, and also by an academic institution. A three-way partnership is established whereby the doctoral student is supported in his research by a scientifc mentor from the university and a business mentor from the company.


The program brings measurable benefits for all parties. The student can develop proffessionally and at the same time receives a grant to supplement his salary. The university also receives financial support. The company benefits from the implementation of results of the research project.


The first edition last year, with 369 PhD students from 231 companies and 54 academic centres, can only be described as a big success.


Below you can find details of our bright candidates: Anna, Grzegorz, Jorge, Dominik, Mateusz and Wojciech.


My best wishes for them. A doctorate is a fantastic opportunity to dig deep in a topic you love. A rewarding experience that will test your endurance and make you grow. You count on our full support, we have high expectations set on you, and we hope you will open the way for more candidates in the following years!




A graduate in the field of Aerospace Engineering at the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology. She has been working in the Design Office since December 2018 and dealing with aerodynamic analyses is her main role. Her doctoral dissertation will be devoted to the aerodynamic optimization of ailerons in the Orlik aircraft with consideration to the flow separation by using the CFD methods. The aforementioned paper will consist in the use of the CFD calculation methods and tunnel tests to modify the control surface geometry of Orlik aircraft in order to develop the product by improving the flight handling. The use of these methods will reduce the number of flight tests as it will be possible to verify the solutions by means of simulation.



A graduate of the Rzeszów University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics. He has been working for Airbus Poland SA since 2016 and he currently holds the position of a technologist. Searching for modern solutions and adapting them to the company’s requirements as well as introducing innovations and monitoring their development are his responsibilities at work. In his PhD dissertation he will focus on the analysis of data flow and digital simulation in industry management processes. Implementation of Grzegorz’s work will enable the: design of pillars for digital structure: DB Server, BPM tools, creation of a database self-update system, factory mapping – digital twin of information flow net, development of guidelines for system implementation, cost control and reporting standards for efficient progress tracking.



He has a master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering. He has been working for a year as the Electrical Engineering Manager at the Harnesses Department at Airbus Poland SA. He is responsible for electrical engineering department and for the harnesses built for aviation products. Jorge has nine years of experience in the aerospace industry. In his PhD dissertation he will focus on Sustainable Development of Electrical Harness Engineering Process. As a result of his work, our company will benefit from:

  • Decreasing the number of errors and reducing the time for documentation delivery;
  • An innovative 3D tool development and a new work system implementation which is currently not available on the market yet;
  • Enhancing the team work integration process.



A graduate of the Rzeszów University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics. He also completed post-graduate studies in the field of Aviation Management at the National Defense Academy. He started working at Airbus Poland SA in 2005. Dominik works as a technical manager for space programs. His responsibilities include: the production and development projects (JUICE Harness, JUICE RPWI Harness, Demisable Propellant Tanks), support of bidding processes, support of technological development mapping in the area of space production and support of accelerators and incubators for start-ups (ESA BIC). In his PhD dissertation he will focus on the establishment of the Research and Development Centre in Airbus Poland SA. As a part of this study, an optimized organizational structure will be developed in order to support R&D activities in our company.



A graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Management at the Poznan University of Technology (M.Sc.Eng.). He has been working for Airbus Poland SA since 2006 and currently is the head of the Fatigue Calculation and Analysis Section. He prepares fatigue analysis for C295 aircraft. He worked on many different projects. Mainly for C-295M and CN235-300M but also for calculation and fatigue reports for A350 XWB-900 \1000 (Cross Beams, Cargo Door Surrounding, RF Mapping for Cargo Door Surrounding), A400M (Cargo Door) and Airbus Helicopter NH90 (Rescue Hoist, Engine Brackets). His scope of work: Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Analysis for C295 aircraft (certification and calculation reports). In his doctoral dissertation he will focus on the effects of production and assembly errors on acceleration of the crack propagation, PZL-130 Orlik.



Graduate in Automation and Robotics from the Faculty of Mechatronics, Warsaw University of Technology. He has been with Airbus Poland SA since 2009, currently as Head of Manufacturing Engineering and Industrial Development directing the work of process engineer teams. He is responsible for process and product innovation. Under the implementation doctorate programme, he will be exploring the practical application of the Factory of the Future with digitally enabled value streams. His work will be focused on practical support for business area transformation to enable competitive advantage through innovation.

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