Since 1928 we have been pioneers of Polish aerospace.

Orlik 048 test flight

On 7 June, the first test flight of PZL 130 Orlik Advanced airplane after modification (bulletin 209) was performed at PZL Warszawa-Okęcie. The primary difference from the previous model is the avionics changed from metric to imperial units.

The test flight on airplane no. 048 was performed by the factory test pilot Krzysztof Galus and the engineer Jacek Gołębiowski – the Head of Flight Line Department, the department responsible for performance of trial flights.
The trials were performed in a zone reserved for test flights, in the vicinity of Wilga and Garwolin. The flight took circa 1 hour and 30 minutes.

During the test flight, the operation of all airplane systems, including the new avionics, was tested. The trial was to show whether there are aby improvements necessary before the next flight.

The goal of the test was to demonstrate if the airplane would fly safely and be suitable for successive, more advanced, trial flights.

After finishing all trials in Okęcie (type tests), the airplane will serve as a machine for training of pilots aimed at onboarding them for the new version.

The training will be held at the 42th Flying Training Command Base in Radom.
In near future – simultaneously with the finish of the training – the first of the modernized Orliks (airplane no. 050) will be delivered to the Polish Air Force.


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