Since 1928 we have been pioneers of Polish aerospace.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

On June 12, 2017, the UAV Management Training Centre of the Polish Air Force Academy in Dęblin received 3 MicroFalcon UAV systems. They were officially handed to Piotr Krawczyk (President of the Polish Air Force Academy, Brig. Gen., pilot and Ph.D.) by the Finance Director of PZL Warszawa-Okęcie S.A., Ivan Valcuende Villacorta.

MicroFalcon is a revolutionary solution for short-range reconnaissance and observation missions. The complete system is made up of flying vehicles, ground control station, omnidirectional antenna and directional antenna. It can be carried to a battlefield or operated by a single user. A silent electric motor makes it possible to fly very close to the target while remaining undetected. The communication system is based on encrypted digital transmission.

Depending on payload options, the system may be able to distinguish small details, such as car license plates. MicroTerra GCS operating system features mission planning and implementation tools, including automatic video tracker, 3D map viewer and automatic line of sight calculator.

MicroFalcon (SPIDER) UAS

  • Short-range reconnaissance and observation missions
  • Robust structure based on carbon fibre and Kevlar™
  • It is resistant to difficult working conditions, including touchdown on rough terrain
  • Simple and intuitive ground handling (operated by a single person)
  • Tested in very difficult conditions (the Himalayas, landing at 4000 MASL)

Technical parameters

  • Wing span: 2 m
  • Length: up to 0.9 m
  • MTOW: 4.5 kg
  • Speed: 30 kt – 50 kt
  • Endurance: 3 h
  • Range: 15 km
  • Max altitude (AMSL1): 4,000 m
  • Operating altitude (AGL2): 150 m – 250 m
  • Launch:
    •  hand
    • bungee
  • Landing: parachute
  • Touchdown accuracy: 20 m CEP3
  • Mission preparation time: < 10 min
  • Next mission preparation time: < 5 min
  • Wind: 25 kt
  • Rain: < 25 mm/h
  • Temperature: -20⁰C – +50⁰C
  • Noise signature: undetectable from a distance of 100 m


Extension opportunities

MicroFalcon has a modular structure.


  • EO/IR (LI) heads
  • Datalink – wide bandwidth data transmission – possibility to send Full HD video in real time
  • Navigation lights
  • Additional backpacks
  • Possibility to install a digital camera for photogrammetric missions
  • GDT RTV Passive
  • Map cutting software

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